Dish Network and Hunting/Fishing shows

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Dish keeps raising the price of our satellite subscription. Wife keeps calling and telling them no higher fees. So, Dish has taken away three of the four stations that showed outdoor programming on our program package. Is there anyway to get the hunting and fishing shows online without going to each shows website. I need something to watch when I can't get out to hunt or fish. If I don't find something wife will have home remodel and cooking shows on all the time!!!


Funny...I'm on Comcast and pay an extra $20 a month for the Outdoor channel. My wife just said we should check out the Dish Network, because it's cheaper and I can get my hunting channels. I wouldn't mind it for football, but I figured it wouldn't end up being cheaper once you factor in getting internet from someone else.

Maybe consider YouTube or VHX. I listen to a lot of podcasts in the car (Randy Newburg, Gritty Bowmen, MeatEater, etc). They all talk about posting their content on YouTube or VHX. Some is free, some is paid. You might find it comes out to be less.

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