drew a tag i didn't mean to draw


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i must have fat fingered my second choice and put in for a muzzle loader tag :sick:

now i gotta figure out if i even want to pick it up. 36a1 11/1-11/30. i actually know part of the unit pretty well but its the high stuff and likely not where id hunt it that late

lots of public ground down low too. harvest stats look like crap for this tag. only 25 tags though.

any of you guys ever had this one? i may just let it go and hunt archery like normal but maybe one of you guys know if its worth picking up. cool country up there

what do ya think?
a couple years ago we hunted up there during archery season and early Oct on my son's moose hunt, we saw a few decent bulls early on, but we were done before Nov. like you said pretty cool country, my son drew a pronghorn tag up there this year on the short-range weapons season, if we see anything later on in the hunt I will pass it on if you get the tag
i appreciate that devo. part of me wants to just pick it up as it will probably be a fun hunt, but i also know nothing about it as, again, i didnt even mean to apply for it . so i don't really want to waste my time when i really love archery season
I have hunted 36a late after elk come out of the wilderness. Seems like they are always out in the open…seems pretty tricky with the smoke pole
Last year I “accidentally” picked up a cow elk archery tag. Almost didn’t go. Had a freaking blast exploring new country and chasing elk. One of my favorite hunts last year although they were all good hunts one way or another.

I’d say if you can get the time off, do it, you never know how fun the hunt might end up being.
Brief episode of PTSD when I thought I drew that tag a few years ago...I had the 36A-2 muzzie and it ran in December. Actually tons of elk, like I'm not kidding alot of freaking elk, but was gawdawful cold, like -20, and the zipper broke in my bag turning it into a taco shell instead of a cozy burrito. I wasn't particularly serious about it and was just gonna borrow my buddies muzzie if one wandered by at a stone's throw distance...when my bag failed and I couldn't warm up it was an easy bail out! :ROFLMAO:




There is probably 200 elk in this shot - in fact I got to the top of this ridge first and there was about half dozen cows in the wide open about 250yds from me. As I had 'em in my binos, my buddy who took a slightly different route walked right into my binos with the elk right behind him. He looked over at me looking at him in my binos, gave me the shoulder shrug like "you seeing anything?" and I did some sort of nonsensical arm waving until he turned around and was like "oh ****, there's elk right there..." Good stuff. :ROFLMAO:
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Looks like a fun experience with very little competition. you still have to get close with the ML, they just won't be coming in to your calls. Looks like a lot of glassing and planning a stalk. I'd keep it and go all in for a new experience.
I’m probably going to let it go. Looking into this hunt and I can do better otc archery. Kinda makes me wonder if I would have drawn the second choice I meant to put in for. Guess I’ll never know

Appreciate the PM’s from guys giving me some insight. No small part in my decision is how much I hate muzzle loaders ( the weapon, not the guys) just not good enough of a tag to get my bow out of my hand in September
I would stick to hunting thicker stuff, for elk that are blinded by lust, in your cotton designer camo, from the seat of your SXS, with a bow that shoots 100 yards,.
"Drew a great tag I didn’t mean to put in for , for a weapon I don’t own…. Guess I’m buying a muzzle loader"

"I'm gonna turn it back"

So moody.
It's not even a full moon yet.
Your infatuation with me is as flattering as it is frightening.

I can honestly say Ive never done a search for another man’s posts on an Internet forum. Can you?
"They happen to be the units I know,and know what’s in there. not just a crowd follower. I can hunt and kill decent bucks/bulls over the counter in Idaho. There’s really only a handful of tags I’m remotely interested in drawing. They’re hard to draw for a reason.

I’ll cry about it on here in a couple months and tell everyone how unfair it is I didn’t get my tag. Don’t worry!"

Word stew via Karma.
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