Early More Expensive Draw Next Year?


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Did anyone see that the outfitter proposal is now 40% of the tags being applied for in December for an extra $300?


I read the bill and it seemed a little confusing to me. Looked like a few possible loopholes left open. Regardless of where they say the "extra" $300.00 dollars is suppose to be spent it's another step in slowly making hunting a rich man's sport. An earlier possible draw date is the only real legit part of it I could see.

I must confess I have a suspicious mind when it comes to politicians and a select special interest group trying to overturn what the will of the people was some 10 years ago in a Statewide election. If it's such a good deal and a benefit to most why not bring it up again in a public state wide election ? I think we all know that's not gonna happen.


what's frustrating is if these new proposals pass it will only make it easier for the dems to take back the governors office here in montana. The republicans take every office in the state and then immediately start doing all the **** that people hate republicans for. Obviously public hunter opportunity and public lands access is a huge deal in montana, it would not shock me at all for the republicans to take a beating in the subsequent elections.


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I don't look for the GOP in Montana to take a spanking in the next election even though they could use a few whacks for the anti sportsman issues they are pushing.
The legislative session will be finished well over a year ahead of the 22 elections. Much of the loony toons that has happed will be forgotten and replaced by other issues with the vast majority of voters.
It is said that all elections are local, but I am not so sure that is true any more. With more and more voters getting there news from 24/7 cable news channels, Talk radio and big social media national issues have greater influence. With the democratic party in Washington being lead by 80 year old plus dinosaurs that are showing signs of senility and the squad getting all the headlines the issues are likely not going to be the ones democrats in Montana want to run on. Add in that the party in control of the white house historically does poorly in the midterm elections and it is likely that Montana's GOP has a good year in 2020.

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