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I know it is a long way out, but I will get busy with hunting soon and January will be here. So, I am trying to think through some 2022 options right now. I acknowledge that point creep might get us but a friend and I have a chance at unit 11 for elk. I want a good bowhunt. Obviously, I want to bring home an elk, but I really want to be in lots of bugling bulls. I know that is always a timing issue, but I am wondering how doable it is to go Type 1 and bowhunt the week before gun season and bugling activity be strong. I thought that way we could rifle hunt the first couple of days before we come home as well. I assume the firearm opener will be very busy, and perhaps the few days leading up to it. For guys who know unit 11 or the general area, how does that sound? Would we be better to go Type 9 and hunt earlier in September?

On a related note, how much lower is pressure in 11 than surrounding general areas? I assume it will be substantially lighter, but I don’t have a feel for how busy those general areas are during archery seasons.

I have done some research on the area and looked at maps. I hope to scout a few days in the summer if we draw to get my bearings, find a good camping spot, etc. Also, I have never taken an elk with a bow, so I am honestly not hung on how big. I just want to hunt screaming bulls!

Any input welcome. Feel free to message me if you prefer.


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Elk hunting pressure is significantly lower and a very good chance for success in area 11. Keep in mind it’s a General License area for deer hunting and Oct. 1-14 will get many deer hunters up here so it can get a little crowded but that sometimes helps keep the elk moving. You may want to plan on a little more time though. I would hunt it the last 10 days in September with archery when the bulls are very active and then the first 4 days of rifle. Hit it hard in September so you don’t have to fight the crowds. If you are unsuccessful then come back in mid November with chains and hunt late season bulls. It’s a great area, you will have a great hunt. The HMA/WMA have good bulls later in the season if it’s a typical winter.
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I would try to get it done in archery season for sure because the first week of rifle is very crowded with elk and deer season opening... And the late hunt is getting crowded with hunters as well... So if it was me coming from out of state and could not do two hunts I would be all in either archery or rifle mid September archery or mid October rifle jmo....


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Every year is different. I've seen end of sept/October 1 be pretty good and I've seen it stink. Around the opener it's hard to tell the difference from a general area.


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I was there last year for a deer hunt/cow elk For opening of rifle . I was basically scouting to see if I wanted to burn my points for elk. I’ll be honest, I’ve saw less pressure on most of my CO hunts. It was insanely busy. Ppl literally everywhere. We hunted high in the wilderness and down lower as well. It really doesn’t set up well for the most part for rifle because it is bettle kill/ thick timber nightmare. U would need a shotgun and buckshot! If I was gonna go for elk I’d def avoid rifle opener. The bowhunt earlier could possibly be good. But it takes way too many points for that hunt in my opinion. Let’s just say I scratched it off my list

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