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I have a Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter.
I have used it for years. Used black powder and also pellets with Barnes 45 cal. sabots along with the standard 209 primers.
Worked good, Switched over to Blackhorn 209, worked better. The setup is mostly stock.
To clarify I have always been good about cleaning. always removed the breech plug and cleaned it as well. When I pull it I always run a wire down it.
Now have a slight problem.
Started noticing a "sometimes" delay in ignition.
Then several random misfires. then like 4 in a row. I live in Hunt a dry climate.
Any advice or help to offer?
Sometimes I leave the Blackhorn in for a couple of days while Hunting. That should be OK though?
Maybe I should get a new or upgraded breech plug?
Its done it with 2 different kinds of 209 primers. Should I try muzzleloader specific 209 primers?
Maybe a new plug with a 25 ACP primer?


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I wish I could help you. I have had an encore for several years. Sorta the same thing, 777 and then a switch to BH 209.

But I’ve never had a hangfire or misfire. I’ve used both win 209’s, and currently Cheddite 209’s. I use the cheddites because they look like they have a dab of fingernail polish looking stuff over the charge. I figured they might work better in the rain. I have no idea if that has anything to do with anything.

I’ve worried about the slug working loose, so I tend to stomp things down pretty good. I use Thor’s btw.

I always ream the flash hole with a welding tip cleaner, not much different than your wire but more aggressive (It’s a tiny file).

If it was me I would start with primers and chase it from there to ground. Maybe try a tip cleaner?


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Make sure your bullets are seating tight when loaded. If they load real easy use a thick sabot. BH209 needs pressure to ignite.


Thanks Bluehair and Tracker.
FYI, I dont think the seating is an issue.
I make sure it is down good and this setup has a super tight bore.
I am going to try the tip cleaner
Thanks again.


A new breech plug couldn't hurt. I gently use a drill bit in a hand turned pin vise and a welding torch tip cleaner, when cleaning.

Ditto on checking your primers, that's a big issue, my T/C Pro Hunter FX likes CCI Magnum 209 shotshell primers.


I had this issue in the past even with magnum primers.. Clean your breech plug. Find the correct size drill bit and put it in by hand then a torch tip cleaner for the smaller hole.

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