Everyone Needs an Avatar!


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Come on, the letters are cool and all (NOT!) but you all need to upload a buck or bull pic, a success pic, something fun to look at for your avatar.

How to update your avatar:

1- When logged in, click your username in the navigation bar.
2- Click Account details
3- Click the image that is a big letter next to "Avatar:"
4- Select image from your device and click Okay

So easy a baby could do it ... ha ha

These are boring!!!


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Good hell Founder. I'm old and I had no idea that our portrait pic was called and avatar.
Well, what do you know? I have and avatar with me and Zac Pictured with his desert ram.
Heck, if I didn't have a manual that tells me what it is, I wouldn't have known what it was called either! But I would've still thought a cool buck or bull pic was better than the big letter.


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Not everyone is going to have a trophy pic of the Schiff or Putin quality. If you need to post a pisscutter photo more along the lines of Pelosi or Schumer feel free to use a pic of your spike or a tag soup photo from camp.

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