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What's one of your favorite bucks? I've got my share of good bucks and love them all, but this is a favorite (2019) for two obvious reasons, son #1 and son #2 with me for the first time. Their reaction was priceless and I'll never forget it.

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That is really cool,memories with your boys they will never forget, your post made me scroll through pictures trying to decide which is my favorite,ones with my brother, wife, nephew dad or my friend who has passed. I looked at big ones( in my mind) little ones, elk antelope grouse and I came to the conclusion they all have a story and all have a place in my life. Thank you for posting this it took me to memory lane.


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My favorite is my "half-a-buck" 'trophy'! I am just a deer hunter, and sure I would like to bag a good one, but one year I missed several opportunities, and was pretty frustrated that I'd missed. I saw a nice 3pt. that offered a decent shot, and couldn't believe it when I missed him too! But I persevered, and followed him. I caught up and the only possible shot I had was him looking at me along a cliff face. I could only see the left side of him looking straight on. I shot. and he went down, and I saw that he was just a forky. And talk about "ground shrinkage"- as I approached, the fork was sticking up in the brush, and I turned his head to get a good look. WHAAT? a 2x0 "unifork"?!. He hadn't even grown a right side- didn't even have a growth pedicel! (to this day, I swore I saw a full set of antlers!) I got him back to camp, and was stringing him up on the camp deer pole when the rest of the group arrived. My brother asked "How big?"..."a half-a-buck"- "Oh, a spike?"... "No, this!" He rolled with laughter, felt sorry for me and my "trophy", broke off a small tree branch, and handed it to me! My favorite hunting buddy (my Dad ) is long gone now. But my "half-a-buck" and my Dad are always with me whenever I pitch a hunting camp! :ROFLMAO::love:;)

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