FCFS Unit 051 Antlered Mule deer


I am looking for any pointers on hunting this unit. I plan on going up by mid season and do a little hunting but know nothing about the unit. I have looked at the stats/quotas on the NDOW site and they look pretty good 42% success rate . The Santa Rosa Mountain range sounds like the place to go? I am excited to have finally got a tag to hunt. Any pointers you may have would be appreciated. Thx Alex

Simple man

In my opinion you have a great tag.
My daughter had the youth tag their last year. It took us three trips but it payed off.
Lots of ag fields in paradise valley. Most farmers are open to you hunting their fields if that’s the way you want to go. You see lotttsss of deer and Antelope in the fields. But that’s too easy.
There is a bunch of private property so be sure to watch for that.
We hunted the wilderness area on top of the Santarosas. It’s a large wilderness. Very steep county. Lots of hiking trails to get you all over the wilderness. (Look up hiking in the Santarosas) we hiked in both sides west and south and saw some amazing country even with large waterfalls. Elk on the top crests. It wasn’t until end of season when all the leaves fall off and the cows gathered up when we started to see more deer on the mountain tops. We always hunted high and finally payed off for her!! Pic should get your juices going!!
Best of luck!!
Simple man



Thank you for the information. Yes that deer gets my juices flowing cant wait to go. I plan on going up around the 15th or so. Can I ask where you camped at? I am also wondering about cell phone service? I have sprint.

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