First hunt of 2011



There is still too much snow on the ground to shed hunt and Ice fishing is just about done. How can I satisfy my need to be outdoors? Well, I made plans with my buddy Kevin, to get out in the woods early on a March Saturday morning to give another try at calling in a big old eastern coyote. We have played around with calling the wild dogs for several years, never getting very serious and never having much luck. We hiked in about a mile into a block of woods that we like to deer hunt. We found plenty of coyote sign as we scouted this area right after deer season ended in 2010 and into 2011. We set up for our first calling sequence at the junction to two snowmobile trails. Kevin called and I set up about 100 yards downwind. This series of calls was rewarded with a couple of coyotes howling at the ruckus, but they did not come in. We moved about one mile further up the snowmobile trail and set up on an old beaver pond. This time, I was the caller and Kevin setup downwind of me. I was watching over the beaver pond with my Ruger #1 in 25-06 and Kevin was in the thicker cover with his Mossburg 12 gauge shotgun with BB loads. I was calling for maybe three minutes when I heard Kevin's shotgun bark. I hussled over to his location to find him admiring a big, healthy female coyote. We later weighed this coyote at the taxidermist shop at 62 lbs!! We are both hooked on calling coyote for sure. We are hoping that taking a few coyotes out of the woods will save a few more deer for us to hunt in the fall.


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