First whitetail hunt


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Was able to go on my first whitetail hunt last week. It was definitely a different experience but I loved every minute of it. Hunted 10,000 low fence ranch in south Texas.

First buck was considered a cull as he as was super narrow. To be honest I would have been have happy just taking this bucks.

My second buck is not a giant score deer but it was a mature buck and was the first times I've had the shakes after killing an animal for a long long time. He was the oldest deer I've ever killed. I couldn't have been happier!




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Both good bucks. Love the split G-2 on the first buck. Don't know why but I like any anomaly up to a point on both whitetails and mule deer. Looks like the second one has good mass for a texas deer. Congratulations.


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LAST EDITED ON Mar-21-18 AT 01:56PM (MST)[p]>Congrats on a couple of nice
>The shakes is just part of

YEP...I get the shakes on EVERY deer I kill. Buck, Doe, Yearling, it don't matter.....Guess it IS just part of it.
It always has ben for me.
Congrats on two beautiful animals.

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