Founder's 2020 Hunting Adventures


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My 2020 hunting season didn't begin until May. I didn't even get out to do any winter scouting as I typically do. So, May 1st was really the first day I got out to do some "hunting" ..... antler hunting. (Pics below)

What do I have as for hunts in 2020? At this point, I know I'll have a Utah deer tag. I'm in for Wyoming and hoping for luck there and then I'm hoping something in the lines of a leftover tag or landowner voucher in Colorado comes about. CoronaVirus effects most of us and so the leftover thing is probably my only hope.
My son will also have a Utah deer tag and I'll be helping him for sure.

My excitement for summer scouting is really building. I've been dropping extra fat and trying to keep the legs strong so all my backcountry adventures are easy and enjoyable. More to come in July..............








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I scored myself a Wyoming deer tag! Pretty excited. Went up there this past weekend to do some kayaking and there's still a lot of snow in the high country. Scouting is still a few weeks off.

My plan at this point is to put in 15-20 days of scouting in Wyoming and a few in Colorado and a few more in Utah.

Need to get to shooting my bow too.


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Put in another couple days of scouting in the high country and looked at 48 different bucks. A couple pretty good ones, but still no real beast located.

My shoulder has been bothering me after a rock climbing fall and I haven't yet shot my bow. I'm hoping things feel better soon and I can get to it.



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