Game Cameras- AA battery problems


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I have been running 7-8 game cameras for years and for some reason I am now having problems with AA batteries not lasting but a few days before dying. Have always bought Energizer off Ebay in the 100 or 144 packs and had good luck until this fall. When tested on a voltmeter the new batteries say 1.55 volts which I understand is a good reading for a AA battery. It all started when I bought some Energizer "Industrial" batteries that have the yellow label instead of red and black. Anybody else had this happen? Are my cameras just worn out?
Are you getting thousands of pics in the few days they work or just a couple and the batteries are dead? What type cams?

I don’t know much about alkalines - I use lithiums and rechargeables in my cams.
I had that happen once several years ago, ended up being a bad camera. Replaced it and no more battery eating.
I usually get a couple thousand pics before batteries go bad. If it’s super cold a chunk fewer. Maybe check the battery terminals to see if there is rust?
Perhaps try a different lot or brand of battery. I normally use one of the top two brands and get 2-4 thousand pics. I tried some AA’s from Sam’s club and they did not last nearly as long as Energizer or Copper tops.

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