Game Theft: First Hand Accounts


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So there have been a few fairly interesting discussions on this site in the last little bit about deer getting stolen.

I am wondering if anyone can speak from first hand point of view about why people steal game. Does anyone here know someone who has blatantly done it? I'm not so interested in hearing stories about times where an animal was stolen as I am stories where the game thief has was confronted and confessed. Maybe someone knows someone who has confided to them that a long time ago they stole someone's deer for whatever reason. I'm wondering why people do it. What is the motivation? The stories where a deer is hanging in a tree or in camp and it gets ripped off are especially interesting to me. There is a whole spectrum of what is considered game theft. The wierd thing is that the one or two instances I know of entailed small bucks.

Here are my thoughts on why people steal
1. They want the meat
2. Revenge on some other hunter they are mad at.
3. They feel some social pressure to show they are successful hunters.
4. Value of the trophy


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I would say #3 is the motivation for most......

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Years ago, we got what the F&G guys told us was the biggest (antlered) elk taken here in Idaho in 22 years. Later that night, before we even got the meat packed out, someone tried to steal the antlers....about 3 AM.

They were obviously after the trophy.

We drew straws and I "guarded" the antlers all the next day, while my two partners had to hike into the mountains and return with the remaining 2/3 of the elk. All day we had a number of "visitors", which was fun.....I wonder how many would have taken the antlers had I not been left as the guard.

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About 10 years ago, on the night of the opener, some guys stole 8 hanging deer from several campgrounds in the area.

Someone got a license number and the cops caught the guys at a Vietnamese restaurant in Los Angeles.

I guess if you are selling it, meat is meat.

Seemed way ballsy to me, guys have got a deer rifle and you are going to creep around and steal his deer?

That is the only close incident I know of.


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For some reason stories about wild game showing up at ethnic restaurants are always funny. I guess thats a motivation I didn't include on my list!


a few years back one of my good friends dad shot a monster of a buck on the kiabab. when he went to get help, some guys cut his tag off and almost got away with his huge buck. it took days, lots of pics but the guy finally confessed and its hanging in the right house! I love seeing it and reminds of the one that almost got away! I don't know what happened to the guy but its always on my mind when I walk away from anything in the field!


I am guessing guys drive up to the hills after a long weekend away from the wife to prove he actually went hunting, when the truth was he was at his mistress house lol

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