General Season Deer and Spike Elk 2015

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Well mine isn't going to be near as exciting as the rest of yours but I'm going to try. This year everyone in the family drew a deer tag one in every season. We also got two spike elk tags.
Our scouting started on one really early morning 1 month before archery opener. It was a Saturday and we had to drop our grandparents off at the airport. Their flight was at 4:30 AM. We glassed the mountain as sun rose with Coyotes howling all around. We saw a few does and one bull elk. No bucks but the real prize was the secret water trough we found.



We then returned to put a trail camera up the next day. On the drive in our first buck ran across the road just a little guy but a buck none the less. We then got to business setting up the trail camera then returning home with visions of big deer dancing in our heads.


The next week of work dragged on and on with nothing but the trail camera on my mind. But against what I thought Friday finally came! I couldn't even sleep that night the excitement keeping me up all night. The results were pretty awesome lots of bucks nothing huge but they were bucks. We also got a couple of unexpected surprises!



We then made a plan to do something we'd never done before with deer, we were going to hunt out of a ground blind! We had a really good spot the only problem is it is a hill we had to make it level. So we went in with pick axes and shovels a blazin'. And after an hour of picks swinging, dirt flying, and shovels scooping it was "Good Nuff!"

The next day we left on a boys trip to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone!
During the week Dad had to check the trail cams! We had two good bucks the only problem is they only came in once and they are night owls.



The next week would turn out to be the pre opener from hell! The week consisted of a flat tire, a trail camera full of cows, the biggest splinter you've ever seen, and the day before opener the blind broke!
LAST EDITED ON Aug-25-15 AT 04:39PM (MST)[p]Friday we watched the sun set listened to the Coyotes howling in the distance.

Opening morning came and 2 hours later there were the thumping of hooves outside the blind and the adrenaline started pumping! They came into view and it was two good sized two points standing five yards outside of the blind. The biggest one an older deer we had on trail camera. He walks over to the water and stops perfectly broadside at 30 yards. Put the pin on him and let it fly! It looks like a good shot then in a split second he ducks and the arrow catches him right above the spine! My heart sank my nightmare had just become a reality! We waited an hour and set out to track him hoping maybe we could get a follow up shot but after following a very sad blood trail for two miles he ran into some cheat grass and we lost the trail. I slept very little that night that split second replaying over and over again in my mind. We didn't see any bucks the rest of the weekend.
The second weekend of the deer hunt turned up no results. We moved the blind to a new location and it looks promising so we are keeping our fingers crossed.
With the third weekend came success, first thing Saturday morning we had this guy come into our water hole. He gave me the shot and I drew back my bow but couldn't see him very well so I tried leaning over a little bit. Then all of a sudden my chair starts to tip, I tried to catch myself but I was too late I fell into the side of the blind and the deer scattered. I thought I had blown my opportunity when my dad tells me to get ready again. I look out the window and he is coming back in I couldn't believe it, he gave me the shot and I draw again but this time my stabilizer gets caught on the window and I can't lower my bow any farther. I turned to my dad and told him my problem and he tells me to stand up. So I do, then he tells my brother to grab my chair and he did making as much noise as possible in the process I finally kneel down and look out the window and he is STILL DRINKING! So I draw my bow rest my pin on his vitals then let it fly. "THUMP" the arrow hits exactly where I wanted it to! I was so excited I couldn't even talk. He was my first archery deer and I was so glad to have my dad and my brother there with me it wouldn't have been the same without them! It's a hunting story that I'll never forget!


The G5 T3 did a hell of a job!

We got it on video but I haven't figured out how to get it on the computer I'll post it as soon and possible.
Thanks to YoteBuster my brother got a new bow on Wednesday and he was excited to put it to use. My dad decided we were going to do something different this weekend for him. So Friday after work we went back to the first watering hole but we put the blind opposite from the last time so we could watch the deer as they came in. The only problem was his new bow wasn't the right draw length and it wasn't sighted in and to add onto that he had a baseball tournament that weekend so we could only hunt Sunday.
Saturday morning before his games we went and adjusted the draw length then after his games we got to work sighting it in as daylight was fading fast. We were able to get his 20 and 30 yard pins dialed in as good as we could.
We got up Sunday morning and headed off to the mountains. We arrived as the sun was rising and got settled into the blind as the sun came up over the mountains.
It only took a couple minutes in the blind and I fell asleep then woke up half an hour later and my dad was pointing at the hillside in front of us and my brother was grabbing his bow. I look out the window and there's a coyote trotting down towards us. He gets down to the watering hole then disappears behind some sage brush then about five minutes later there he is about 15 yards in front of the blind. He draws back releases and the arrow flies right over his back. Nothing but does came in after that.
We returned to camp and ate lunch and got his bow hitting bulls eye. That afternoon we headed out. After an hour in the blind we had deer coming in and there was a buck but they didn't like something and they got out of there. We then all took turns taking naps in the blind and two hours later I woke to my dad pointing at the hillside and it was a bigger buck than last time they walked right in and gave us the shot and he made a great shot. I think I was more excited for my brother than I was for my own deer.
We have now added some landowner antelope and deer tags to our list of tags this year so we'll have plenty more hunting left to do. Hopefully I'll be able to get an antelope with my bow! Will keep you guys posted.
This will be my last hunt adventure update. Unfortunately after hunting every day of the rifle hunt we were unable to get my dad a buck. Our camp over all was very successful! We were able to fill two of the three tags.
My cousin was able to get this nice 4x3 buck!
This mature Muley was taken by my Uncle!
Hope you guys enjoyed my hunt adventure challenge it was a blast for me!

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