Going One More Time


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Just heard from my good buddy in RSA saying I HAVE to come back and shoot my buffalo. I've booked numerous hunts for my good friend Andre Viljeon over the years. I've been his west coast booking agent for years. I've been 3 different times to Nambia and RSA and my last time I shot 9 animals all from my booking fees.

I've since focused my efforts on north American game and saving money for retirement. We live in the f_cked up state of California but have purchased a home in Cody WY.

So I get a message from my buddy saying this will be the year I shoot my buffalo. I have a Browning safari grade in .375 H&H that my uncle bought new in 1963. His goal was to shoot an elk in Wyoming and a cape buffalo in Africa. Unfortunately he wasn't able to do either. I'm taking uncle Bill on his dream hunt....at least in spirit. May 2020 it's gonna happen.


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Going one more time....me too. LOL

also, good move moving to Cody from Kali.

from the "Heartland of Wyoming"


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>Going one more time....me too.
>also, good move moving to Cody
>from Kali.
>from the "Heartland of Wyoming"

You can go to church with Kanye and Kim....



May is a wonderful time to hunt Southern Africa. You?re going to have a fantastic time.

As for ?One More Time?, the best thing is we can recycle it and keep going one more time. My next One More Time is approaching rapidly, as I'm taking my son on his first buffalo hunt. 10 days in Maswa Game Reserve in Tanzania. He gets to hunt 2 buffalo plus about 8 plains game. It's going to be a grand time. When we're back, I'll start planning One More Safari...


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I went "Once, to get it out of my system" five different times!! BWAHAHA

Good luck, I'm sure your uncle will be looking down and following along.

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