Good looking Mule deer.


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My son Hunter and his buddy Diego drew their 3rd choice for mule deer this year. Diego’s dad and I scouted a few area before the hunt but in the end we hunted a place they have hunted in the past.

It’s a area where it’s big country but not a lot of deer. Glassing it can be daunting. I use 10x42 swarovskis on a tripod but found myself feeling like 15’s would be beneficial in some areas. In 5 days hunting we glassed up 3 bucks.

On the 4th day my hunting partners came down to help us glass some of the big country. That afternoon we split the boys up and hunted separate. We hiked up over some canyons to a good glassing vantage point. My hunting partner spotted this buck up feeding by himself at about 11:30 and he bedded down out of sight at 11:45.

One buddy stayed up high to keep eyes on the bedding area while we dropped down the canyon to relocate the buck. From the bottom it looked so much different. While we were debating what bush he was bedded behind, some does came in and scared the buck out of his bed.

We were on a small knob when the bucks ran into a draw. I had my son set up prone as my buddy ranged the other side of the draw. When he popped out, my son was solid and took the shot. The buck dropped and rolled down a rock shoot about 40’ long. Luckily he didn’t bust up his rack. We got up to the buck, took pics, caped and quartered him out. I’ve never wanted to spend the money on a shoulder mount but I think this buck is a great looking mule deer so I’m going to mount it.

We packed him out about a mile as the crow flies but it was up and down a few canyons. It was a great ending to good hunt.

Here’s a pic of my son then one of me, my son and my hunting partners. I wish I could have got Diego and Elmer in the picture as well because they were a big help through this hunt.




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After seeing NMPaul’s pictures of their coues deer, I realized where I could have done better with my pictures. He’s a great picture taker.


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Cool buck, gotta love those boxy square framed buck! Congratulations to
Your son.

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