Got a Bear


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Opening day we dropped down on our wallo to sit and wait for any of the big bulls we had scouted up. Immediately after arriving in our sitting spot I noticed a black bear 109 yards away. I always buy a bear tag, so I made a stalk to 20 yards from the bear. It spooked and ran 15 yards and stopped after I made a big whoof sound. I settled my pins in and drilled her. It made it 60 yards and was done. As we headed over to find the bear we located a dead calf elk that it had been feasting on. Well all the Elk had been boosted out of the area by that bear. This is my first bear and with a bow.


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You know my biggest mistake is I should of grabbed a bear and wolf tag. I grab one and see nothing. I dont grab one and i see plenty. Wish i had your luck. Congrats on a fine bear

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