Great memories while eating tag soup


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This year's hunt was a lot of fun for me. It was my 12 year old son's first hunt. We packed in the day before the opener and glassed up 12 bucks that evening. We were really excited for opening morning. We got to the spot we wanted to be and were waiting for light. We thought we'd be in perfect position, and we almost were. Right at first light, a gunshot rang out right above us. Some guys we didn't know were there shot the biggest buck we had spotted the night before. The guys were top notch, good dudes! My son wanted to check out the deer and hold it up for a picture, and they were so great to let him check it out. Then, they went on to give us some pointers about where to hunt. We found some good bucks where they told us to go, but my son missed 2 bucks. I opted to pass up several decent bucks hoping for a 180 or better. Never did find one. On the 2nd day of the hunt, we watched a little bear on a gut pile for about 2 hours. It was fun. I wish my son would have been successful, but we had a great time together. My son is addicted to all things outdoors. His room is full of antlers he's found. On the way out from our deer hunt, we were going down the trail and saw a doe. We kept getting closer and closer, and I kept thinking the doe was going to take off. We got less than 3 feet away and it finally took off at full speed. Then it slammed into a tree. Then it thrashed around in the bushes. I'm thinking it was blind or something.




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Awesome write up! Great memories. Your son's room looks like my son's. Just make sure he continues studying. Puzzled where I went off the rails? My son has hunting and fishing on the brain. Not sure he will make it through school the next 3 years.


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Having a good time on your hunt is #1, and it sounds like you were successful there.
That’s crazy about the doe!


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Sounds like an awesome first hunt. I’ll assume you’re a WY resident. Couldn’t you still hit a few general areas with his deer tag and get him a buck?

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