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i recently purchased a hawkeye fishtrax 1c fish finder off there website . it is a wonderful pease of electronics . i was wondering what transparency means ? its one of the functions on the menu just wondering what transparency is ? also im from TARDVILLE just to let you know and no im not bawling ! heres a pic of the fish finder




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It's probably a function to see through one image over the top of another.

Think of a clear glass window as being fully transparent, i.e. 100% 'transparency.' Now put a light coat of colored paint on it, which will cut the transparent aspect considerably. Now paint it black, making it opaque rather than transparent, where you can't see anything.

A real-life example is the closed captions function on TV. On mine, I can chose the color & size of the fonts, the color of the background & the transparency of that background. Selecting %s up to 100 for this last setting, let's me still see the the programing thru the background color. The lower the number, the less shows thru.

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