Heavy Desert Ram


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This is my first time posting. Thought i would share my story and some pics. After 22 years I finally drew my desert bighorn in Utah. I had never hunted them before so I had to do quite a bit of watching and studying videos to try to judge a good ram. I didn't have a lot of time so I elected to do my scouting as I hunted. Luckily the season is almost 2 months long. We didn't see much on our first trip but a few smaller rams and one ewe. We went back the next week anticipating some better luck as the rut was approaching. We got to camp about noon and after setting up camp and having a bite to eat decided to head up on some vantage points to hopefully locate a nice ram for the next day. We had seen a lot of sheep sign in the lower basins but never a sheep. They were usually up on the high, steep hills and plateaus. I had three friends and myself on this particular hunt. We decided to split up and glass more ground. We hadn't been split up for more than 45 minutes when one of them came back and told us that they had located a big ram. After what seemed like forever we made it back to where the had located the sheep. As luck would have it the sheep were in a lower bowl that was easily accessible. There were two rams with a group of ewes. One about 5 years old and my bigger ram. They were all bedded and after studying him for some time decided to try to harvest him. He was 366 yards out and did not present a shot while bedded. We waited for him to stand and the 300 win mag did the job in quick fashion. We weren't exactly sure how big he was until we got to him. There was no ground shrinkage, a big 10.5 year old ram! What a great ram and a great hunt! Most of all it was a great adventure with beautiful country and great friends to share the experience with!



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Beauty. Thanks for sharing.

Splitting my time time between the winter and summer range......
May you live long enough to cash in those preference points. Amen


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That's a keeper!
Congratulations to you and all involved in the adventure.
Thanks for posting the pics for us to enjoy.




Very nice ram indeed! Great mass through his 3rd quarter - nice. He was the boss with no chips from fighting.


Congrats. That's a great looking ram. I caught the sheep bug 2 years ago. I have sense been obsessed with going and watching sheep. It's almost got my interest more then finding big mule deer!


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Well done, FarmerD!

In my opinion, a heavy old desert ram is as fine of a trophy as there is, and the number of hunters who have been fortunate enough to experience what you have is small indeed!

Congratulations to you and your friends and thanks for sharing.


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GREAT RAM.....congrads on a once in a lifetime trophy.

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That is an awesome ram with really nice mass that carries out. As good as anyone could hope for. My 15 year old got lucky and took a California Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. Now he gets to start putting in for a desert bighorn sheep. Now only if he can draw one with 0 points and then find a Ram as awesome as yours. Congrats.


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Way to go farmer. That is a crazy heavy ram. I wish I could get one of those tags but with 0 points and I'm 58 years old, well you know the odds maybe I'll get one when I'm 85. Congrates to you.


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Thanks for the pics and story. Great ram!

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Wow, what a fantastic trophy!!

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