Help! Swakane Wildlife Area?



Okay so my hunting plans got jacked up by work and college, and it looks like I wont be able to go at all for the general season. So I find myself looking at the archery late season. Fortunetly I haven't bought my tag yet, and I have been practicing all year with my bow for the come and gone september archery elk season. But I dont know where to go, I had my rifle hunt all laid out only to have it sabatoged!!!

I am curious about the Swakane unit, I've never hunted there before. My usual hunting grounds (gmu's 224/218) are not open for the muley late season, so I find myself lost on where to go. I was just wondering what any of ya'll have experienced there. I was thinking of scouting out the Swakane Wildlife Area in a few weeks.

The other units I was thinking about hunting are the Pogue/Cowiche units. Once again never been there, and was just curious how ya'll did up there. Any very general direction of where to go in these units for the late season would be greatly appreciated.


Hunt the Pogue. Better deer and less hunters. You will not see as many deer but there are some serious studs. Plus you don't have people all over the place.

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