High Country Ghosts


This year will be my 2nd year chasing muleys in they High Country of Utah, I learned a lot of things and made some mistakes that I wish I could have back, but enjoyed every second I had out enjoying the outdoors. This early season has kept me busy whether it's training my pup, finding turkeys, shed hunting or just finding ways to make money and be productive.

I have been scouting for turkeys the last couple months and have been looking for a respectable bird I could place my tag on. After the first weekend of trying to harvest my bird, I decided I will go where I knew 4 nice toms were hanging around, the wind was blowing and the rain was coming down, less then ideal conditions for the turkeys at 5:15 pm the wind and rain subsided so I let out a few yelps and purrs and, without a gobble for a warning, I caught motion out of the corner of my eye, and here comes a turkey flying towards my decoys. It lands 10 yards past my decoys and the two other toms came down behind him but landed off to the side and behind some tree branches. The first tom in the decoys was the one I have been wanting to harvest so at about 25 to 30 yards, I sent the lead his way and killed my first tom, and my second turkey.
8.5 inch beard




Got out for about an hour today to check on my favorite Private land deer herd, before they head up into the CWMU and I was impressed on what I was seeing this early in the year.
Bring on the scouting season!



Getting out seeing the early growth Is Sweet, looks like it's gonna be a good year, with great antler growth!


This past January while chasing huns, I bumped into a buck who was unique, he wasn't big just a cool frame and nice eye guards, I called him "The eye guard buck" because that's all he is, and trying to pick up his sheds has been frustrating but I am slowly getting rewarded. A month or two ago I picked up one of his antlers from last year, Then May 15 rolled around and I had a decision to make go Musky fishing or go look for sheds, and I chose the shed route and I believe was the right choice, not 100 yards from where I found his last years shed I found this one down in the drainage, he gained a little bit more mass and height and his eyeguard grew a little over a half inch in length. I expect this buck to be 4 or 5 years old with bad antler genetics.
Here's His Left shed from his 2009-2010.

On the hoof in January 2011 last time I saw the buck.


As It lays, A hair over 5 inch eyeguards.

I didn't even have to white this picture out the sun was so bright in the background it blocked everything for me.

The days take May 15, 2011 I have been taking my bow a long to shoot rabbits and well it's awesome, I had a nice pass through and the rabbit only went 10 yards before piling up,(I'm using field points)

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