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With lots of guys getting ready to hit the high country horseback on elk/mulie hunts I thought I would pass along a little technique that has worked for me. I always desensitize my horses to gunfire to try to help avoid one breaking a lead rope and running 10 miles back to the trailer. I have found tying an old inner tube in a tree and then tying the lead rope to the inner tube solves a lot of stress when desensitizing to gunfire. The inner tube acts like a giant rubber band and lets the horse fight the rubber band instead of breaking stuff if he rears or pulls back extremely hard with the first few gunshots. Normally after they fight the inner tube a few minutes they settle down on subsequent gunshots and after a few sessions will only flinch a little if at all. Hope this helps someone.


Great Idea when you're close to home. I'm no horseman, but my hunting buddy is. When we're up on the mountain, he always ties the horses up to a young pine tree. The tree should be big enough to be able to withstand the pulling, but young enough to easily bend a little when the horse pulls back. That way, in the middle of the night, or any time, if the horse spooks and yanks backs the tree absorbs the pull, just like the innertube would. It has saved us from broken halters, and loose horses more than once.


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I do this very thing with horses that are ignorant to shoe. Intertube on a rope looped on their foot. They kick like hell for a minute and fight but then realize its useless and usually stand a lot better after that.


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So true, Take a real cowboy to shoot twice.
My horse wear the hobbles on the front right leg as I swing off I reach down and unbuckle it and swing it around the left leg and buckle it back up takes 15-20 seconds at most, then step away from my horse before taking the shot, I always have a ride back to camp that way.
You light off a 30-378 and they will crow hop a good distance.

"I have found if you go the extra mile it's Never crowded".
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LAST EDITED ON Aug-23-13 AT 08:06PM (MST)[p]I always run a pack string in the parade on the 4th. with gun shots and weird noises they learn quick. but not with a super green horse though.

some horses hate the smell of elk blood or any other game. I take hides and hang them by the hay feeder or water.

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