How many can you spot???


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Extended Archery pic from a few weeks ago. 5 bucks were jocky'n for 3 does. Can you spot all 8 deer?



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I can only see 7 for sure. The other one must be hard to see. I have a couple of ideas where I think it might be, but.......

Nice pic though,


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I spotted 6 for sure with 2-3 possibilites. Answer key please.

?Here?s to the hero's that Git-R-Done!!?


LAST EDITED ON Dec-10-08 AT 07:06PM (MST)[p]How big were the bucks?


I got 3 and I also found Waldo! I win!

Answer key Please?? And how big were the bucks?


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My bad, sorry dudes, I forgot all about this thread. Here's the answers. The 6 green ones are easy, The 7th, yellow, is a little tougher, and 8th ,red, is down right hard. In the red circle all you can see is the top of the back/spine and a hint of the white rump. I wouln't have been able to see it in this pic if I hadn't watch him walk in to the oak brush and lay down. The best buck was maybe a 140 class 4 point. Nothing huge, but it sure was fun watching them rut it up.


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