How many species you all apply for?


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Just curious, how species do you all apply for in Colorado each year? I have a few elk points, but have always just done deer. I'm kicking around maybe actually applying for an elk tag. Looking now at some of the 1st rifle hunts.


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For the last 14 years I have just bought points for elk and deer. Never thought much about hunting antelope in CO and didn't like the system they used for sheep and moose.

Back then it cost $26 a year, you had to loan them $600 for a while but it was a good value. Now it is $120ish but still a decent value compared to other states.

This year I will burn my deer points, I have 13 and I am putting in for a hunt that took 7 last year, point creep should not get me. Soon I will burn my elk points, maybe next year. After that it will be deer only for me in a unit that takes just a couple points to draw.


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Just elk, burned my deer points last year so I'm done hunting deer in Colo. Can't hunt with a bow due to a shoulder injury, tried muzzleloader last year and can't see the open sights and the rifle season starts so late that our whitetail hunting is getting really good at that time.

Spending 400.00 dollars walking around looking for something that isn't there also plays a part in it.


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Just curious, how species do you all apply for in Colorado each year? I have a few elk points, but have always just done deer. I'm kicking around maybe actually applying for an elk tag. Looking now at some of the 1st rifle hunts.
Elk, deer, antelope, sheep, and bear. Already have to buy the hunting license, another $9 a species isn’t much. That way if I don’t have a shot to draw anything i really want, I’ll have the opportunity to at least go hunt one of those species somewhere in CO. I like to have options around so I can go on an out of state hunt or two a year.


Just Deer in Colorado, but wanting out of the game with 10 NR points and Wyoming for deer, elk and Antelope.
I want to come have a fun hunt this year in a new state and leave you locals alone!! I feel bad for the non residents bombarding other states because of their states incompetence.


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Sheep, goat, moose, elk, deer, pronghorn, spring turkey, fall turkey, and a bear point. So far I'm one for one, that'll change in May.


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19 deer and 11 elk
It does not cost much more to apply for both, now. I am thinking to try 1st rifle elk in 66 just to see the country, but not this year


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every species every year for 30 years. If they had a pref point hunt code for skunk, i would buy one just in case..

Have an absurd 19 bear points in the bank. No idea how i may use those.

Pretty much the same for 7 states. Pay to play.
3 sheep, 2 mt goat, and 3 moose tags and have been the payoff along with a pile of other good to great elk/deer/lope tags in Colo and good to great elk/deer/lope tags in various other states.


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NM was a painful ca$h outlay last week for the full gamut of species as a nonres. Like most guys probably wont draw any but every once in awhile strike gold there....


Every year, I apply myself for deer,elk and antelope. and also both my sons for the same. Hopefully someday they will learn how to apply for themselves..😆


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Going to put in for every species in Colorado & Arizona & Wyoming for antelope only. Of all the states, Arizona is the absolute biggest exercise in futility, & I have a Lifetime Resident Hunting License. 😓 Haven’t drawn Arizona since 1996. Stupid is as stupid does, Forrest Gump was right ! Jerry Gold 🍀🍀🍀


Burned my Pile of NR elk points in 2018 and pile of NR deer points in 2019. Am not applying for anything now as I am 57 years old and I just dont think it is worth it anymore.


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Mine was tongue in cheek - I used to put in for everything , and hunted it all every year. Aside from sheep and moose , have not been successful in 25 years.

Now I get points ???

Bright side :
My daughter is doing hunter safety. 14 in July and hope she draws! She tears up mountains and enjoys shooting.


I apply for everything except bear every year, except the last 2 years since I drew my goat tag and can't apply for 5 yrs haha. Been considering applying for bear, just don't know much on bear hunting!

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