Hunt Adventure Challenge Winners!


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OK, the 2011 Hunt Adventure Challenge Winners have been picked!! It was really tough picking, really tough. I decided on 5 winners, with each getting an $80 Gift Card to Santana Outdoors.

The 5 winners are:


They were all very well done. Thanks so much to everyone who participated. I will get a new 2012 Hunt Adventure Challenge forum setup shortly so you all can begin for 2012. I hope more of you play alond in 2012. Documenting your hunts and everything that goes into them is something you'll be happy you did years down the road.

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Brian Latturner


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Right on congratulations to those guys. They are def the 5 i would have chosen also. I had fun logging all my adventures last year and i'm glad you are doing it for the 2012 season as well. I think everybody who does it is glad they did. I know it will be nice to look back on my posts years from now and see all the details.

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