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Good morning, I have a different kind of help wanted post. I’ll be in Salmon Idaho with my dad starting today through next Friday. He has a whitetail tag that I will be helping him try and fill.

I am wondering if anyone would like some help packing any animals out. If my dad tags out than I will be free to lend a hand to anyone needing some help with their hunt. I don’t have any tags just wanting to put some meat in the pack and help someone out. Shoot me a PM or respond to this post if you want some help my names Jake I’ve been packing in for years love hunting and fishing. Good luck this season!!



Well he’s all tagged out. When we got to salmon Saturday morning I checked to see if there were any returned tags and sure enough there was a Salmon A tag for elk. With a few seconds of convincing he brought the tag. We focused on he’s deer tag first, he got his first whitetail on the opener in the evening. The next day we located some elk but could never make any stalks. Monday morning we went to a new area and spotted some elk. We watched them bed at 9:45 .78 of a mile from ag fields. After a very slow stalk up the mountain we finally got in position for a shot. At 11:30 he shot and got his first elk. Then my job started for the next 6 hours I quartered/deboned and hiked out 178 lbs of meat while my dad watched. 5 back surgeries means he only has to carry his rifle. This trip was awesome my back hurts shoulders and legs are dead I’m no help to anyone anymore... good luck to everyone this season!











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