Idaho area #11



I drew idaho finally. Area #11 for mule deer and elk, yes both. Anybody hunted this area in the last few years. Both tags are for Oct 10 thru Nov 3. I plan on going up the first part of the season and if need be i'll go back the last part of the season. If anybody could throw a recent info my way, I would greatly appreciate it.


Just Curious - Where ya from and do you have stock. Steep, rugged country.


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you dont need any information honestly, just go and put a little effort and youll kill a respectable 4x4. congrats on the draw, its a great tag. travis


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you are one lucky hunter, I think if it were me I would concentrate on the elk first and come back late for the buck hoping to catch some rut activity on both ends. Do you live close to the area?

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