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Headed for Idaho this Oct, planning on hunting east of Boise, Units 39,35, or 34. Will be driving over to scout this July, but am interested in any feedback as to what the Mule Deer populations are like in the areas bordering (or in) the Sawtooth Wilderness Area.

Thanks and Good Hunting!


Iam going to hunt unit 49 this year, if I don't draw 54 controlled hunt. I am going to scout afew times before the season. I have some friends that live out there that I will be hunting with and they tell me the hunting is good for 23-26" deer. The controlled hunts you can score some big boys if your lucky.


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I've hunted 39 a few times. Lots of deer, not a ton of big bucks. If I were you I'd go the last week of the season and hope for snow. Then be ready to put some serious miles on your boots in extremely steep terrain, the bucks are there. I'd be doing it this year if I hadn't drawn Montana. Good luck...


Are those OTC antlered tags or for forked-horns only?


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LAST EDITED ON May-30-06 AT 01:30PM (MST)[p]The deer in the Sawtooth units, 33, 34, 35 ,36, didn't fare so well this winter. F&G reduced the anterless tags in those units and well as some late season antlered tags. I believe that deep snow packs this year made the deer more vunerable to the wolves in those units. The deer densitys in those units are not that good to begin with. I always see more elk than deer. Steep rugged country. Unit 39 seems to do better with its huge winter range giving more protection to it's deer and elk herds.

If we don't get to start hunting wolves in this state, I believe all of our herds are headed for decline.


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unit 39 is an o.t.c.hunt from october 10th. to end of the month. there is also i believe a 100 tag draw hunt for late august,early september, but you're too late. lots of game, can be rugged and thick.opening and last week the best. good hunting...


I'm with you kicker!!!! Where do I sign up? Do I need an extra tag? :)

Work to hunt!! Live to hunt!! And the rest spent keeping the wife happy!!


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Brdhuntr, why is it woo late for the controlled hunt? They extended the deadline to June 5 to avoid the memorial day license fiasco.

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