Irish drinking joke


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There was a couple in a museum in Amsterdam looking at a picture of three nude well endowed black men standing together trying to understand it. Two of the black men had black penises and the one in the center had a white penis.
The curator saw them looking at it for a while and he walked up and asked them if they were having issues interpreting the painting. They said yes we are having an issue trying to figure it out.
Well said the curator as we see it, it is a painting about the emasculation of the black men in America and the one with the white penis is showing that no matter how far the black man has come they still have to overcome the white shadow.
Well this just made the couple more confused when a Irish man walked up to them and asked, do you want me to tell you what that painting is about.
Well the couple said how would you know more than the curator.
He said I am the artist and that is a picture of three Irish coal miners and the one in the middle went home for lunch............


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You know why wheelbarrows were invented?

So Irish people could learn to walk on their hind legs.

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