Is Mexico safe


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Been kind of quiet lately, couple of years know of some pretty bad stuff that went on down in old Mexico. This past season seems like you guys have been getting in and out all in one piece. David , appleman posted a nice buck and I saw one other that would be a keeper for the risk. Do you guys drive the highways alone or get picked and stay with guides that keep you safe.



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No problems at all, unless you get robbed, kidnapped, or killed!! When my friends that grew up on the Border and speak fluent Spanish won't go, that sends me a signal that I heed.

If your outfitter tells you its 100% safe, and they are protected, then they are part of the problem and are paying off the locals.


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No way don't cross the border for any reason. If the cartells don't rob you the Federales will. Can probably fly to a resort but DON'T drive.
I am an international hunter and outfitter in Sonora Mexico.

Mexico is as safe as any other country in the world, there's bad and good places. It all dependes where you're going and with whom. If you're in a bad neighborhood with your Rolex watch well very possibly something bad going to happen, as New York, as Chicago or any other big city in the World.

If you're booking a hunt with an outfitter in Sonora make sure you have some references, don't go because of the cheap prices somebody may gave you, again, that might take you to wrong places.

Ive outfitted hunts for more than 20 years and never had a single problem, I know some outfitters have and that's because either they are not from the country and don't know the country and again this bad and good places I've talked about, or because they are doing wrong things and they get stuck with problems.

Anyway, Mexico is safe for tourism, just don't make stupid things.




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