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Sheesh, let us know what those measurements are... 44"..?? 48" of mass..?? Wowzer.

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Wade lemons boy Kalen was on our hunt (1st class guy) and also two of his guides (Bowdy and Chase also great dudes) they did not guide us but wanted to be part of our group. They have great eyes and knowledge of the mountain. Anybody was welcome in our camp and we weren't going to turn them down. The Bucks mass measurements are around 51 inches, ya say that again 51 inches. Ruff score around 212 and outside spread of 34 inches.


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Congrats to your wife, on a supurb trophy. What a beast. Very cool of the WLH guys to offer any help as well. Who doesn't love to help out on a hunt like that. Glad you were surrounded by family and friends.





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Shoulda let Him Mass one more year!:D

Nice Job!

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WLH was involved..?? Dang... That's an asterisk for the books. :-(

The on-the-hoof photos must have been right after they took off the deer's hood and hogtie...

Are we certain the tag was for this unit..?? WLH seems to get confused about where they are allowed to hunt. Though I heard it was mostly due to staffing changes...

:-( :-( :-( I should have known all of those people in the photo weren't family and friends...

"Therefore, wo be unto him that is at ease in Zion!" 2 Ne. 28: 24


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What a awesome buck ! Love that mass. Congratulations !

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This is Ashley posting, I'm the one that had the tag. As a matter of fact the people in this picture are family and friends and yes it was on the Henry's. But thanks for assuming and trying to take this post down the gutter. We posted these pictures as an example of what hunting is about, time spent on the mountain with people close to us and memories made that will last a lifetime...this hunt meant more to me than anyone will know because of those who were there. You trying to badmouth others for events that none of us have first hand knowledge on isn't right and I would appreciate it if it didn't happen on this page.


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Someone recently posted something about how having 15 guys helping 1 hunter goes against what hunting should be but honestly I 100% disagree and even if WDL helped who cares!! Even better if he did but I came into your camp to hold that buck and I met you all and a few of the guys with you and you were all very welcoming to us and seemed very nice! We had a Henry's rifle tag as well we were just down the road from you guys. My sister in law killed that 215+ inline buck and we had 15 guys on the mountain helping us and that is what hunting is all about. Not one of our guys was asked if they could come but asked us if they could come. I'm not gunna tell a family member or friend no they can't come cuz that's not what hunting is about. There shouldn't be any harm in who gets involved as long as it's ethical. Congrats again on the sweet buck! He was fun to watch during the summer and fall leading into the hunt.


Our thoughts exactly! It's a once in a lifetime hunt and those who want to come are welcome. So glad we got to meet you guys and get those big bucks side by side.


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That buck is a TANK! Well done! Don't listen to any of the jealous. Thanks for letting us hear about your hunt.
Better get up there!!!


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Wow!!!! Cant believe that buck. I love the mass. I might have the right side shed antler that goes with that left. Any contact info for the finder of the left shed antler?


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Congrats is right Great buck WOW!


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