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Went on a trip to Kentucky a couple of months ago and met a few old farmers. Struck up a friendship and mentioned how one day I would like to come back out and hunt whitetails.

Fast forward to Thursday, I got a message from one of the farmers while at work inviting me down for the rifle hunt this November on his farm of 550 acres.

Anyone who has hunted back East have any tips? I haven't hunted out that way and any advice is appreciated.


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Eastern whitetail hunting is stand hunting, either a tree stand or ground blind. Since you can't kill them sitting in camp the more hours you can make yourself sit in a stand the better your chances.
A lot of locals in the East will only hunt until noon. So when they are leaving the woods they will move deer to other hunters. A lot of deer killed around noon.


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They might be doing a man drive.
Either that or sitting in a stand.
Bring a snack and sit as long as possible.
Might kill a biggun.

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