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My brother, dad and I are hoping to do a self guided Sitka Blacktail hunt on Kodiak in 2021. I found Raspberry Island Lodge that looks like a decent outfit but they won't provide a reference list. I found that kind of weird/alarming.

Has anyone on here hunted with Raspberry Island Lodge and if so would you recommend us go with them? We are also looking into hunting them from a boat/yacht but this post is more specifically about Raspberry Island lodge.

Thank you in advance for reading and for any answers that might be provided.


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I've booked a self guided hunt on Kodiak.
11/30 thru 12/5.
With sportsmens lodge.
Going solo.
They prefer two pre party for safty.
But my died beat hunt friends won't come.
So I'll do it myself.


Give me a call and check out our lodge @kodiakbigtimberlodge.com we would love to help you out and we will provide you all the references you would like the good and the not so good we are $3200 for 5 day 6 night


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I hunted Kodiak this year and my advice would be to give it a few years. I had a great time but the deer numbers sucked . one thing is for sure if you want to go in the next few years go south . the farther north you get on the island the worse the die off was. down south they did pretty good and up north everyone was crying the blues.

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