Last day buck

Me and my dad had hiked our butts of all of the general seasons. Unfortunately we didn't kill a buck, but one of my dads friends get a tag every year for cwmu. He wanted to know if he could mentor the tag to me and my brothers. Well his brother which had the same tag also wanted to mentor the tag to me and my brothers. So on the last day (which was halloween) for the cwmu hunt we went out and my brother killed a nice 160 buck on some wheat fields. We still had the other tag and we went out that evening and started looking for a nice buck. Before we had hunted they had seen a 6 by 4 on the same field my brother killed his on. We started glassing and we saw a nice buck but it was really far away. We hiked as fast as we could to get to were we could get a shot. When we finally got to 450 yards we got set up and ready to shoot. They looked at the buck for a bit and it was the 6 by 4. After I found him in the scope and got settled down he finally turned broadside and I let it rip on him and I hit him perfect. He ran about 20 yards and kinda did a downward dog lookin thing. Surprisingly he got back up but soon after he went tipping over. We had hiked about a mile and a half to where we could get a shot. The gun used was a 28 nosler which is an amazing gun. We also looked and saw that I only killed my buck about 1000 yards from where my brother killed his buck that morning. After we scored him he turned out to be 166" with an online on his right and also a cheater on his right.



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