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Lately, I have been looking for a lighting source for the inside of my jumping jack. I came across a few weeks ago and decided to pull the trigger before my AZ scouting trip this past weekend. It arrived in only a few days. Now i've used all manner of lights and most of them are either entirely too bright or flimsy and just flat out obnoxious. The power bundle comes with a really sturdy power bank with (3) usb ports anda 6.5' LED rope light. For around 75$ i was kinda meh but i pulled the trigger anyways. It does come with (4) rubber zip ties to hang the light basically anywhere you want and a nifty carrying case to put everything in it. It is a little heavy but not too bad and easily will fit into my pack. Once i got to camp and set it up the first night i was sold. It lit up the entire inside of the jumping jack with a mellow light so i could see everything and the best part was it wasnt too bright. You can buy additional lights to go in the other. It's something i wish was available in the past. I've seen a few photos of people using it on their deer at night just strung between two trees and it lights the whole deer up. Id highly recommend this product to anyone. Best part is the back of the power bank has a built in solar charger so you can backpack in with this thing and keep it charged. The battery life is outstanding on this. I ran it for 2 nights for about 3-4 hours as well as charged my phone both nights and it still had above 25% battery life.

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