Late Elk hunt Unit 222 NV


So I have finally drawn my 1st bull elk tag after over 20 years trying to draw a bull elk tag! I drew the late rifle hunt in NV unit 22. I'm super excited and have been scouting quite a bit trying to learn the area and see what's out there. This will be my first time hunting this unit and was wondering if anyone had any advice on areas to check out or areas where I might find some nice bull elk in late November. Hoping there will still be some nice ones left!🤞Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!



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Head the geyser ranch. Hunted that tag a few years ago. A lot of the bulls will come south off 11 through majors onto that mountain range id mid november. Good Luck! Dress extremely warm



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And some will migrate down the Muleshoes.

I had the late deer tag 3-4 years ago. Several times I saw bulls near the highway migrating across the highway right at daylight.

Some stay near the top of Grafton until after the last season.

So they can be everywhere.

The crossings by Major?s Place is where, at one time, the biggest bull in Nevada was killed.


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Lots of elk spread out across those units. I would spend more time behind your binos than anything else. Good luck and keep us updated on how the hunt goes.


Thanks you guys!! I will definitely be putting in a lot of time scouting in November and looking through the glass and hopefully all the hard work pays off. It helps a lot having a few areas to check out since I'm really not familiar with the unit and the elk movement come late November. Thanks again and I will definitely keep you posted!