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I own the Leica geovids. I use them as my major glassing binos and my range finder.

I only archery hunt and used them to quickly range a deer before the shot.

I use them to range prominent features that I need to stalk to when I do glass something out at a distance.

I use them for my wife (rifle hunter) and use the angle/range compensator to tell her what to hold for. I can even upload her loads into the card and have an exact "hold for" range. Works pretty well with a good scope and turret setup.

They are great during low light. I feel they are more clear than me bare eyes. Fantastic at low light scenarios.

For long range, the thermometer seems to work accurately according to cheap bulb thermometers I take with me.

I love mine. I feel the glass itself is worth the price, the rangefinder is a bonus. I am sure swarovski are just as good.
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I carry the Leica HD-R. The advantage with these for an archery hunter is that they do angle-compensated range down to 10 yards. Whereas the Swaro EL Range minimum is 33 yards. Since you're not a stick flipper this may not matter. In that case you can go with either brand, and I suspect you will be happy with the glass.


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I have had both. I now use the Zeiss 10x42 RF. Glass is comparable in all. The ballistic computer in the Zeiss I feel is better. Ergos as well. The Leica button is way to far back for my liking. The swarovski doesn't have the distance. I have ranged my Zeiss over 3000 yards while being steady.


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I look at them all and bought the Zeiss. I am coming through Utah next week and would meet you if you wanted to check them out.


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I was a huge Leica fan until I broke the tripod mount on my APO Televid 82 spotting scope. Turns out they aren't a full lifetime warranty. I haven't heard how much it will cost yet. They've had it for 6 weeks. Told it might be another 3-5 months to get back. I also own a pair of Ultravid HD 10-50's. My Brothers own Swarovski and have had their share of broken components. 1 brother has had to send his spotting scope in 3 times. However they never had to pay for repairs. I'll be switching to Swarovski or Zeiss soon. Vortex are CRAP!


I love the HD-B. The glass is great and the newer model has the Bluetooth to use the ballistic app in your phone so you can have multiple rifle setups at the touch of a button. I think you will see Swaro doing this soon to compete with Leica and Zeiss. The swaro has nice glass but the range button is on the left side, not good for a right handed bowhunter.


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I have a pair of older Leica HD-B 2200 that I picked up used last summer.

I had read some reviews that mentioned them not working in cold weather but it sounded like they would be covered under warranty if that was the case. Got a really good deal on them and sure enough when the temps got cold found out this pair was affected by the cold weather and wouldn't range below about 30 degrees. I was slow getting them sent off for repair and sent them in June. With Covid they warned me that they were taking longer than normal for repairs. I had the Utah Youth Elk hunt and as it started getting closer I still didn't have my binoculars back so I asked about the status and they sent me a loaner pair to use on the hunt free of charge, I didn't even have to pay shipping either direction.

Of course I didn't have the loaners a week before they let me know that mine were fixed so they shipped mine back after I sent the loaners back to them (with a postage paid label). Kind of a cluster there but I got my binoculars back with about a week to spare before leaving on the hunt.

I did have the warranty card that I filled out and turned in but I didn't have any proof of purchase since I had bought them used and they never asked for anything but the warranty card.

I haven't gotten to use them much below freezing yet, but they did work in the upper 20's one morning with no issues.

The built in ballistic charts are good for both my son's 7mm-08 and my .300 wsm. I think I use chart 3 for mine and chart 4 for his. I could make a custom chart and put it on an micro SD card but for my purposes out to 400ish yards the built in drops are plenty good.

Optically they are really nice glass.

I like the position of the range button.

I like that I paid almost half what the brand new Leica or Swaros cost.

My 2 cents.


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I have looked threw a pair of Divorski's for just a few minutes and played with the range finder. It was okay but I didn't really like it. But I have the Leica's and love them. If I see my buddy this weekend. I will playing with them a little more and get back to you. I couldn't really see that range as well in them I am thinking. I would guess once you got use to them ether would be great !


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I have the 8x42 EL Range binos. I love them, the glass is awesome. Only complaint, the rangefinder can have issues in temps below 15 degrees. You need to keep them warmer than that which can be a pain when cold camping.


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Thanks cbat!

I Actually looked through a pair of the ZEISS today!

I Appreciate the offer & Thanks!

I Liked Everything but the Price tag!:D:D:D

I look at them all and bought the Zeiss. I am coming through Utah next week and would meet you if you wanted to check them out.


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I love my Leicas! Had them in Wyo last week when the temps dropped below 0 and lower than that windchill and they worked great! I glassed before sunrise and after sunset and in low light they were still bright! Having a rangefinder-bino combo is a no brainer. I have both Swaro and Leica spotting spotters and have had several problems with my Leica telephoto lenses. In fact, I need to send it back in a 2nd time. I've never had any problems with my Swaro spotter. It's tough to be Leica binos though!


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I have Swarovski 10x42’s and bought the Leica range finder 10x42’s Last year. I have used both pair on several hunts and can easily say the Leica’s glass is better. What’s odd is that it seems that I am always focusing the Swarovski’s.

I have heard that Leica‘s customer service has improved but have never needed to use it.

I got a great deal on the Leica’s from Cameraland.

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