Leupold 15x56 BX-5 Binoculars

I am getting ready for a elk trip to WY this fall and wanted to get some binoculars with a little bit more magnification than the 10x42 I have now. I know that the Swaro's are the fan favorite along with the Zeiss. I was just looking for something a with a little more reach to use while glassing in the truck while scouting. Not looking for something for professional use. Anyone have an opinion on these bino's
I have a pair and they are ok, big and heavy. Honestly I can see better with my Swarovski 10x42el than the 15x Leupold.
When I bought my 15x56 they were on sale for $800 and you got a free Leupold carbon fiber tripod with them. Couldn’t pass that up

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