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15-18" Bows. Trolling with Crawdad Crankbait and 2nd pole was Vibrax Fire Tiger. I appreciated my buddy who took us on his boat. This was my first outing this year . The wife has been getting my help all the other days off from my employer.
Weather was mild and saw Grebes, Mergansers and a Bald Eagle that just stayed perched on a rock. All the rains have kept the area as green as can be for sagebrush habitat. I either cook the fisg in the smoker or bake them and make fish.patties after baking.

brook tr

brook trout right from the creek are edible......don't take them home.....squish fish....yuck
Patties are different though and I agree though with pan fried. For instance I caught Goldens in the Pioneer Range and we used McCormick Grill Chicken Seasoning on them. Placed in foil with Coconut Oil and set on the coals (no flame) .
They came out with black skin and I feared they would be burnt , but alas, we peeled the skin off and they were the best I've ever had as the freshness was a delight. I was shocked that the meat want flavored from the charred skin.
However, Brookies are actually a Char and the white flaky meat is milder and sweeter. The Brook are a different species. They don't have as much Omega 3 oil as other trout but are less gamey flavored.
I heard they are boney and I can't stand crunching a fish bone . Mrs DM caught an 18" Grayling and we released it. It would have been the record for Idaho. I didn't know so I have a hard time with that.

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