Lion caught in trap. Have you ever tried to get a lion out of a trap?


Have you ever tried to get a lion out of a trap? Here is a cool video of a lion that was caught in a trap. The wildlife officer was able to help this trapper get this big lion out of his trap.

Any ideas to make this safer and easier?



Grew up in Arizona, my father made his living trapping. I have helped him release a few. Released 1 lion by myself, with a choke stick. Cats are tricky to get out. You don’t have much time as it seems they use up all the oxygen in the blood steam as they go nuts. Javelina on the other hand you can put to sleep get them out and they wake up and off they go. Released 1 Bear, he hopped back up and took off in no time. Younger and dumber, don’t think I would attempt some of that now.


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Seems like every now and then a lion manages to squeeze its ass into a bobcat trap around here (only cage traps are allowed in my state) and im about to setup a bobcat trap on my property, where i also have a heavy lion presence. If i happen to get a lion in the trap im going the chicken route and calling the local houndsman who is out tranqing and collaring cats for some study hes doing. Make it easy on me, and an easy one for him too.


A buddy of mine has a friend in NM that has caught a couple lions and his method is to take a piece of plywood with a cutout slightly bigger than the trap and put it between him and the lion and walk up the chain, using the plywood as a shield. I haven't saw it in action, but sounds like a good plan.


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I've released several lions. if you have two people it's not bad but is usually still a rodeo. The trick is that the second guy has to be committed. If he's a wuss, there's going to be trouble.

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