Llama pack trip fishing and or archery elk trade for Whitetail Hunt

bigfoot llamas

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I have llamas to pack in all our gear. Check out bigfoot llamas on youtube to see our adventures. I havent done any videos on the archery elk hunts. The fly fishing is awesome and always a great time. The Uintas is a new area for me and have been archery elk hunting it for the last 5 years. I have taken a bull 2 of of 5 years so it is a tough hunt. It is an over the counter tag and open bull unit, so you shoot any bull or any cow that presents a shot. Utahs archery elk is the earliest in the country and ends when the rut is just beginning. We usually packing in 5-6 miles and hunt from a base camp, relocating as needed. I am also new to the fly fishing just picking it up last year and looking forward to this year. Looking to trade the experience of the backcountry for a whitetail hunt for me and some of my family. Open to areas, dates and locations. You can email me direct thadokerlund@hotmail.com

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