Loads for .45 using BH209


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Looking for help with loads for my new muzzleloader. No data on the Blackhorn site for .45 cal. I'm hearing 100 gr. by volume is a good starting point. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance...

- CVA Accura V2LR - .45 cal
- BH209 Powder
- CCI 209 Primer
- Powerbelt ELR 280 grain


I have the same exact muzzy and was using everything you have listed. I could never get the BH to shoot consistent even after 50 shots trying various weights/volumes so I switched to pellets - 150 grain and it started shooting consistent so I stuck with the pellets and killed two animals on the muzzy hunt this year and both were good shots. One at 154 yards and one at 50 yards.

I emailed CVA last year asking them some similar questions and here was their response.

  1. we recommend the new 280 ELR bullet
  2. you can use the 150 grain load of white hot
  3. we do recommend using Blackhorn 209 powder for consistency, specifically 80-84 gr by weight.

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