Mckinney fire


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Fire, the organic logger. Let it burn!!
I think most of us agree, but then there's the potential loss of life and homes. And selfishly, closing of hunting areas throughout Cali for the "abundance of caution" reason.

Shot my first 4x4 (first buck too) in that neck of the woods.


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Over 51,000 acres today.

I wonder if land management by entities we pay with taxes to do so could somehow prevent some of this?

Nah....all due to climate change I'm sure.


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Got it thanks?
Probably a little far north to smoke us out in the Reno area.
Hope people stay safe. Sometimes wildfire fire is beneficial to wildlife.
Some of the area burning burned a few years back but the vast majority needed to burn but about 20 years ago. Now it might burn too hot and do more damage than good. I'm hopeful though. No better blacktail hunting than burns.

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