Meat Processors in the Durango Area

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After receiving some feedback from some guys on this site. I applied for and drew a CO 66 muzzleload deer tag. Due to CWD, I can only bring in deboned of processed meat back into TN. Can anyone point me toward some reputable processors in the area? Also, is there a program where you donate the meat to those in need? We have a program in TN called Hunters for the Hungry. Anything like that in CO?


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If you're heading south, there's a food bank in Durango, but I believe they accept only already processed & packaged meat.

Here are some processors:

Sunshine Meats Plant
253 County Road 216, Durango, CO

High Country Pack
468 County Road 305, Durango, CO

300 S Camino Del Rio, Durango, CO

The Buck Stops Here
300 Commerce Dr, Bayfield, CO


Last time I checked sunshine only accepts whole live animals to process. There is a soup kitchen that use to take meat, but because of newer rules they only can take wild game if it has been processed packaged meats. Depending on where you are at, hit the local bars/ restaurants and ask if anyone wants meat, I bet you will have a taker.

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