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We lost our Shih Tzu Max a few weeks ago and Mrs Sikora is heart broken. So I thought she’d like a big chunk of Chocolate! Chocolate Lab that is!
So all my MM family meet Bella!
We went to Parker KS to get her. She was the runt but sometimes the puppy chooses you, well Bella choose us!
We love our ShihTzu’s but they are not near as smart as these Labs!
We got home with her Sunday at 5:00pm she already is barking at Mrs Sikora to tell her she needs to go potty!
Hey Gator she might take another year to get big enough hut ing up those Ditch Parrots but I’ll fatten her up.
Now here is a new game of Where’s Waldo! Try and find Bella! LOL!

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Looks like she likes crunching plastic water bottles also. I miss that sound. We need another puppy. Need to decide on a Fox Red lab or Golden retriever.
HI LIK2HUNT I seen some cool looking Fox Red labs on the AKC site when I was looking for Bella and the site has pups from all over the states. We are quite pleased with the puppies I found on there, if that helps any
Bella is 16 weeks or so old and she’s already potty trained!
I saying this because our puppy Shih Tzu’s took almost a year to potty train LOL!
Retriever maybe not!
Pointer maybe so!
Crickets are mighty tasty!
I know right! I loved it when we would draw for dove permits for opening day etc so Kris, me and Jr her brother would always draw. I don’t know if it was because they seen a woman’s name but we drew every time. The head of the hunt area would always say Mr and Mrs Sikora and brother when we’d get called out. It was funny as hell! All the other guys would cry because we always drew! Funny as hell! Mrs Sikora always gets asked to hunt I have to tie a pork chop around my neck just to get the dog to play with me! Lol
Hey guys, Bella was the runt of the litter, now will she always be undersize to other female labs? If so would that be reason enough not breed her? I had an associate say if I breed her he would like to buy a puppy because of her pointing tendencies he said that is a big deal for a lab to be pointing on her own at that young of an age. Don’t you want to have deposits on the pups before you breed them? Bella is extremely smart she was potty trained in less than a month. She is pointing on her own, her sense of smell is astonishing she picked out a Christmas package that had Bully sticks in it and they were in plastic wrapped really tight and didn’t touch any other package. For want the trainers and others are saying she is suppose to be extraordinary. This isn’t me saying this it’s the others and Mrs Sikora of course

what say you all
I wouldn't worry about her being the runt, if she is showing the characteristics you have said. Pretty pup!
We have had the best luck with the runts of the litter. This is more based on attitude and willingness to learn. Not sure how that will come through in breeding. I would not let her being the runt stop you from breeding her.

This is Bella’s first swim. She was hesitant in the one video but then went for it the day before she would just dance from side to side along the bank but wouldn’t go in the water. She wasn’t sure what it was. She is doing great at school
Thank‘s rmanwill & eelgrass!
Today Bella is 8 months old. Mrs Sikora text me a few minutes ago so I know it’s correct! LOL!
We can’t wait for her to come home for a month or so then we’ll take her back for more training. She will get a surprise when she see’s Nani a 10 week old Standard Puppy that Jr got!
Sure am glad I ain't the only one that talks to their lab like that. Such goobers. We had a chuckle out of ours today too. Mines more interested in getting mom's attention with his frisbee at this moment. Labs are awesome 👍! Good looking pup for sure Joe.

On another matter I heard Major the German Shepherd next door he just slightly barked a couple of times as to ask for some help about 1:00am now this dog shouldn’t be out and usually isn’t so I got dress went over to see if he had water and food None! So I fill the water bowl Major wasn’t interested in that so I go back to the house and get of bowl of puppy food take it back over Major was eating so fast that when I got back from filling another bowl of food he had thrown it up and was eating it again so the filled his bowl then got a nice quilted moving blanket and made a nice pallet on that cool ass concrete. So Major is back in business! I hope that the owners didn’t moved out and left Major behind. If so he will go to the vet get check out and if He needs shots etc then I’ll take him to the groomers and get him all slicked up to find him a new home or he might be another addition to our home! Heck Major, Nani, and Bella should have a great time together. I sure hope the family is find and this was a mistake.
What do you guys think about having your hunting dog tested and is it work it?
What are your thoughts?
Mrs Sikora brought it up last evening so I told her I will check with you guys today

Hunt test or field trial? Also does your trainer run either of those tests with other dogs? They both are very fun for you and your dog…I believe it builds a great bond between dog and handler…
Field Test
By the way, she’s a gorgeous dog… She’ll be fun…
Hi Tikka, Dave takes other people’s dogs to have them field tested I think is what you’re saying! He told Mrs Sikora that Bella could have field tested and passed quite awhile ago. Now if I get any of this wrong I’ll be more than happy to say I was. Here is Bella and Dolly that is David the Trainers dog they are both females and are only a week or so apart in age.
Here’s David’s contact Info if you all would like to check him out.
I guarantee David is a stand up guy. I can show you all texts she sends him and will take pictures or short videos of Bella whenever Mrs Sikora asks and she does ask.
All the other pictures are of Bella Dolly’s just in the one when they’re together.



@joesikora have you entered Bella in any field trials yet?
I’m running my dog in the derby next month here in the Uinta’s
Hi Tikka I think the trainer is doing that with us. She has been with the trainer for 4 months. We brought her home for a month or so and then we will take her back for more training. He said that she can past a couple of the tests already but she will need more skills for the other ones. Now I think thats what Mrs Sikora told me but sometimes I forget.
Bella went back to school Sunday Mrs Sikora is sad of course right now missing her girl. Bella will be testing for the first couple of ribbons at two different locations The trainer David said that these tests are a piece of cake and no dog has any problem passing them. Bella will be there for 3 months of training then will come back home for 3 months then go back again. Mrs Sikora posts pictures of Bella all the time and sends them to David he said to me Sunday boy Bella sure spends a lot of couch time at home for sure. We just laughed.
What is your end goal for Bella's training? How much more after this will she require? I can only imagine her abilities.
What is your end goal for Bella's training? How much more after this will she require? I can only imagine her abilities
Mrs Sikora wants Bella to win a fews ribbons to display in her home office. We would like her to be able to duck hunt, dove hunt if not to hot, pheasant hunt either flushing or pointing if she has the skills to do so and be able to hunt sheds. Now I don’t know if that’s too tall of a order for her or not.
What say you?

Joe, if she’s been with a retriever trainer for months, then she damn well better be well seasoned to a shotgun… If not you’re not getting your money’s worth…
Hi Tikka I just asked Mrs Sikora and Bella has been shot around for a long time so we‘re good there.

Hi Gator I’ll check to see if Bella would be a help or a hinderance
Some folks have a lot of ambitions for their dog and I am curious about your. Bella is a beautiful pooch and will surely be a pleasure to hunt with. I have an old friend who has similar ambitions with a springer spaniel and water spaniel. Both dogs were phenomenal and wonderful companions. Hunting machines as Bella will prove to be. I've learned with all the labs I've had, they have a desire to please and know they are pleasing their human and don't underestimate their abilities. Cheers!!
I've learned my dogs are better bird hunters than me. Hence why I follow their nose. It always nose (knows). It's the retrieve to the master that matters to us. She will be great. Let her do her job. She's a great pooch!! 😃
The first 2 ribbons of many more to come for
Miss Bella Boom Stick Benelli. David said that a few people came over to compliment on how fast and straight she ran. She runs like grease lightning

Here’s the problem that’s causing a hitch in my getty up! He asked me if I wanted to wait another month or two to see if it corrects itself. I said Heck know! If you look at the right pic the top of the replacement part is flush with the top of the bone. Now look at the left it’s down a good 1/2”! So October 10 2023 right hip replacement surgery 2.0! I really have a new found respect for Dr Colhisy. He apologized to me several times. Not to many Surgeons would ever do that!

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So having revision hip surgery takes 3x’s longer to heal. So
10/10/23 to 12/10/23 sucks. Gator Im still on for the 2023 Gator Pheasant Jamboree. Is there an airport anyway close to you guys just in case driving is too tough? Or I’ll have to take a couple of days to get there which isnt a bad idea I guess

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