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2010 was the toughest hunting season I've ever had. In August, my wife, son and I moved to rural Alaska along the west Yukon River. I live right in the middle of a refuge area and was unable to hunt the area due to me not being Native resident. Instead, I had to travel several miles by boat to hunt. I didn't get out much and to say the least I ended up eating my first and possibly only yukon moose tag.
My wife and I co-teach a class of 11 students, ranging from 4th grade all the way to 12th grade. But teaching in this small village does have it benefits. For extracurricular activities we go Ice fishing, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. So far in 2011 we've gone Ice fishing about 6 or so times. Its extremely hard fishing although and we've had many pike, she-fish and whitefish, right up to the whole where they usually break off the line and shutter off through the 4 foot thick ice hole.
Normally this time of year I'd be putting in for tags and horn hunting like mad. From Dec. to the end of May usually finds me putting countless miles on my boots. But due to being in AK, my horn hunting has been limited. I snowshoe through the deep snow in faint hopes of finding a paddle but have had no luck with that. Yesterday 4/7/11, it snow 14 inches, drowning my hopes of finding on of the mystical giants. My buddies have been horn hunting hard in Montana although and keep me updated by sending me pics every weekend.
I will be moving back to MT in late May. Once there I am going to spend as much time in the hills as humanly possible. Due to tax issues, I have to live in MT for 120 consecutive days before I can hunt as a resident. So, that means I can not put in for special tags. I will however be starting bowhunting around mid September for elk and deer. I will have a Deer A tag (general deer tag, mule deer or whitetail buck) and also a General Bull elk tag along with numerous doe tags. (6 or so).
I have been following MM for many years and really enjoyed reading all the posts last year and thought this was a great way to document and share my own adventures. Thank you FOUNDER for allowing us this opportunity. Until next time, here are some pictures of Rural AK and some of the bones my buddies have picked up in MT.
My son and I on the Iditarod trail.

Musher of the Iditarod

Soon to be the winner of 2011 Iditarod, John Baker

Alaska Sky

Bear that wondered into the village unannounced.

Wolf that was lurking outside of town.

Some deer sheds my buddies picked up while I was in AK.






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Well still no scouting... But for my birthday my wife picked me up a nice bushnell trailcam. This is going to be a great summer. I have some prime locations picked out for some elk pictures... more to come on that later.
As far as life in AK, we are doing some things we never dreamed we would be doing. Today I managed to catch my first whitefish via ice fishing. We bring our students down on the river every Tuesday and Thursday and we haven't caught anything until today. I caught a 2 pounder, the other teacher also caught one about the same size and then one of my 5th graders pulled in a 3 ft pike. I still can't wait to get back to the big sky country and do some scouting/horn hunting. Only 18 more days of school and im blowing this popsicle stand! Here are some pictures of our recent fishing trip.


My wife and son with my fish

My son waiting for a big pike.

Measuring the fish with my son

Wife and son with the pike

More to come later!


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With only 2 weeks left until Im back in Montana I managed to get out along the Yukon with some of my students and do a little horn hunting. Its a rather strange feeling driving around holes in the ice that would be certain doom had I managed to fall in one, but we plugged along and came to a small island that was loaded with Moose sign. We managed to pick out a couple antlers and enjoyed the sunny weather.




I might get out a time or two more before i get back to MT. I will keep you updated.


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So it has been a long time since I updated this. I just got some internet via android and figured I would let everyone know how I been doing. Horn hunting season started late (may 25th) for me but I still managed to pick up 30 horns.
I got back to MT on the 24th of May and couldn't hunt MT until Sept 24th. I went out a lot before and called in a lot of elk. Including one really nice 6 point. Now that I can hunt... I haven't had any luck with the bulls. My wife harvested her first deer with a bow last Sunday , she was stoked. Third time sitting in the tree stand was a charm for her... anyways ... pictures will be soon to follow, along with some details of some of the successful hunts I was on. (Once I figure out how to load them on here on my phone... happy trails everyone.

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