Montana returned deer tag alternate list technical error???


Montana issued a statement that they made an error and published your position number according to what number applicant you were and not the randomized number that is supposedly assigned to you threw their draw. Something doesn't seem right. My initial number was #2205 and my buddies was #924, those position numbers could not be based off the reasoning for the error FWP claims because I applied the first couple days the application was open and my buddie applied a couple weeks after me but his original number was way lower than mine! My new number is 606, a lot better odds of possibly getting a tag but something doesn't add up!!! anybody else have this experience?

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Disappointed in this I was number 158 the first time and my buddy was 416. When this email came out now I am 2113 and he is 1100. I don't know what the deal is or what really happened.


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Yes, very disappointed. I went from #172 to #1,962. I got completely screwed. I was a shoe-in for an alternate deer tag, now nothing.
I love how they are blaming an "Antiquated System" for the screw-up.


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Some times you just have to shake your head and wonder what is going on. I wonder how may people with low numbers took vacation time and other plans. Ouch.


A friend was explaining this to me i thought maybe he didnt understand the system or something as I dont apply for montana but this sounds like BS

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