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My daughter Katie, my wife and I had a great few days looking at bucks in Round Valley. That hunt is incredible! Katie passed up a couple of nice bucks in the first couple of days (28-29" 3x3, 26" ish 4x4, busted up 30 incher, etc.) It was so much fun looking at buck after buck. We knew the snow was coming, but decided this was a great buck for Katie. We watched him chase does and ward off smaller bucks for a while then planned our stalk. My wife stayed back to keep track of him, while Katie and I closed the gap to about 100 yds. He bolted after another buck and stopped broadside 150 yds out. Katie steadied her crosshairs and squeezed. She hit him right behind the shoulder and he went down after a few steps. He was 24" wide and 20" tall, very heavy, probably score around 150. What a great experince!




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Congrats Katie. Wow two Katie's with J-12 tags and both doing a great job. You Dad's{and Mom's} have got to be proud.


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Awesome buck Katie!!! Great to see the young ladies out there gettin it done!

"The value of any trophy from the field depends not on its size but on the magnitude of the effort expended in its pursuit." ~ Aldo Leopold


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Awesome. Congratulations, and glad you had fun. Guess Katie must have been a popular name for hunting kids born around then...:)

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