More practice on scoring.

What is his gross score

  • 185-190

  • 155-160

  • 165-170

  • 160-165

  • 175-180

  • 180-185

  • 170-175

  • 190+

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Well, I wish he was as big as you all say. He is 176. He is my best buck. Pics are hard to judge. You can make a 175 look 200ish, and 150 look 175ish. Thanks for all the kind words. I hope to get a 177 incher this year.🙂 Good luck to all of you this year. Post some pics with scores from the past.


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I am curious what are his measurements? Maybe it is the picture angle. But he looks bigger to me.
Mass and inside spread is what brings this bucks score down. When a buck has a small inside spread, then the main beams are a little shorter too.

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